It’s 2019, Are you online Yet? 7 reasons you should have a website

7 reasons why you should have a website

Having a web presence is a question many people ask especially new business owners or freelancers, Do I need a website? After all, i am already on Facebook and Instagram. Well, those are social media platforms, let me put it like this – Social media is like a joint, a conference, an outlet, yes people meet you there but they can’t expect to always find you there, they require a private place to talk to you, a place you control. Online, that is your website.

Bill Gate once said If your business is not on the Internet then your business would be out of business

Well, if its not yet totally true, it is becoming a Truth, many big players that neglected the use of the Internet are going out of the market for the businesses that took advantage of the Internet. With over 4 billion Internet users in 2018, there is no single place you can find that many people with 1% of them ready to listen to what you have to say.

That being said, let me highlight briefly 7 reasons why i think you should have a website

1. You are always Opened

The era of closing at 5pm or 6pm is over, with your website, you are opened 24/7. This works great for businesses that have a lot of content for their customers, people can find answers to the questions they want to ask you on your website even when you sleep, imagine if they have to wait for you to wake up?

Also, you can reach countless people in different time zones and it all depends on you, yes, you can decide its time to sell to China and you won’t have to stay awake in China time, set up your system with China time and whollah! you’re on. There is a lot the Internet can do for your business, your website (your online presence) should be ready to receive all the accolade.

2. Your competitors are already there

Well this is awkward but yeah, they are already there and if you don’t get online asap, you would be the one out of business. Your customers see you and your competitor(s) offline but see only your competitor online, It’s a matter of time before they turn to your competitor.

Think about it, Offline, people spend minutes and are gone but they are on their phone, tablets and devices as soon as they leave. You should go where the attention is – ONLINE. Question is when your customers get online, are you there? Register your website with us at Hostlab.

3. Creating Influence

I know you are reading this online right now and our website gives us the opportunity to help people with their businesses. Our being here is what makes this possible. Your website gives you that opportunity to educate people, help people, encourage people, do all of the things you want to do with your business, of course while making money.

But you know, people only part with their cash if they trust you, and they can only trust you if they believe you so where is your platform to make them understand you are there for them? Your website is that platform, it allows people come to you, hear what you have to say and buy what you have that can help them.

At TQI, its all about Online solutions for us, that’s our gospel, to create success stories online for our customers and friends.

4. Build Credibility

This will be something shelling out of my point 2 above, but here is the catch, we have over 2 billion websites on the internet today, over 3 billion daily searches, over 2.8 million articles, blogs written daily. What i am saying is this, the credibility of the now is on the internet, it is time to build your own credibility.

The fact is people expect to see you online, Just the way everyone expects you to be on social media, everyone expects you have some sort of online presence especially if you a business of some sort. It’s simple, that is where the credibility is now, the world shops from stores without a wall, don’t let this train pass you buy, its time to build your own credibility online.

5. It will save you time in the end

Remember how i told you people can reach you anytime when you have a good website? Think about what exactly you are saving – TIME. This means with your website, you have saved 1-3 employees that you would have had to have just answering enquiries about your business without much cost.

With your information out there the right way, people can read up and know what they want, Here is the best part, when they contact you, you can be sure it’s because they want to be customers because they have first hand information about you already, you only need to win them over and help them with your business. So adding to the list, your website helps you attract new customers, i guess that’s what a sales person would have to do for you right?

6. It is an ASSET

Many people dispute this fact but i’ll just put it this way, If your website is a functional part of your business, at evaluation, it is part of the companies asset. Lets go with a narrative, If your website brings in 40% of your new client, what happens when it is no more? you have technically lost 40% of your business.

So if someone is taking over your business, would they neglect your website? NO, that’s a super employee in digital form right there and its cost would be evaluated into the business valuation. The point is this, don’t do website because everyone is doing it, realize the value now, get one and build your own valued asset.

7. It is the Real Estate of Tomorrow

Real Estate never dies, decades to decades, it continues to be an investment portfolio. Similarly, The internet is the new land we have, and now is the time to buy your own online real estate, cultivate it, make it the new land and let its beauty shine far and wide.

Today’s economy is shifting, Tomorrow’s economy is going to be totally online and i will modify Bill Gates saying that “If you do not create an online presence for yourself today, you would not only be out of business, you would have to wait another century for the next best thing to stand up again

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